Jurassic World™ Alive App Reviews

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iPhone XS UI glitches

I would normally give this app a 5 star rating as my girlfriend and I play every day and genuinely enjoy the game. We both upgrade from X’s to XS’s and although the screen resolution is the same the game is stretched out and we can no longer see the top bar or tap on the bottom bar without invoking the homebar which causes the app to refresh and be unusable. Unsubscribing until an update is out as it is not playable currently. I submitted a support ticket through the app which got deleted so that’s awesome.

Good, but...

2 things to improve: decrease cost of VIP membership or change to a multi-level VIP system, and change PVP to where you don’t have to wait to find another player for a live battle. The wait is too long and the battles are too. For those of us who just have a quick minute to battle - need auto/quick battle option.

So fun!

Super great game

Makes no sense

Ok today I was doing those event battle things. My Dino was faster, yet their Dino went first. Second thing was RAMPAGE is hecka strong and killed my T. rex. And third their Dino was level 30!! SO UNFAIR! All of this made no sense. My team was all epics. If you don’t change this, I’m deleting this garbage.

Loving Dino’s 5ever

JWA is my favorite game. I’m always playing it. I love finding new dinosaurs and leveling them up! I put a lot of time into this and even though I’m stuck at around 2500 it’s because I don’t go out as much as I wish I did. I’m so glad Ludia actually listens to people’s feedback and is constantly evolving the game and dinos.


This game is so incredibly broken it’s almost unplayable. Constantly glitching out and extremely overpowered dinos such as Stegodeus running rampant, do not play this game.

iPhone X’s notch blocks top or screen

This needs to be fixed since you can read any info on the top portion of screen since the annoying notch blocked it all.

Great Game

Addictive as the movies themselves!! A few minor bugs they need to work out. Such as battle mode... battle ending before either player actually won and giving the victory to your opponent... or the fact the there bundles might be a tad over priced and under stuffed. Or the fact that sometimes your opponent gets four times to your every one. That’s not fair!! Other wise a fun game

More “baby” Dino’s

I would Love to have more baby Dino’s, especially blue Thank you and can I have one Baby Dino’s which is blue for free and the baby Dinosaur Don’t grow up Never mind no baby dinosaurs but there should be special event

Fantastic game ruined.

I used to really enjoy this game and spend hours battling and collecting dinosaurs until later on the random nature of the battles gets so repetitive and you get stuck in losing streaks. 5 stars on the game but 1/5 on the horrible random nature of the fighting.

It’s just basically good

I like it

Good game but one major issue

This is a good game but when ever I do the battle part it picks the dinosaurs for me but most of my dinosaurs are level 1 but I one Dino that’s a level 6 and I never get to use it But overall this is a good game.

Amazing Graphics

Wow this game is amazing me and my wife love playing this game together. We think it’s way better than Pokémon Go and find it an exiting game due to the combinations of dinosaurs and how you can AR their appearances. You also the capturing part is very unique and I love how it makes you work for your dinosaurs.

Kinda ticked!

Getting pretty frustrated with this app saying I’ve maxed out attempts, when I clearly haven’t. Only got the Pteranodon once and it said I had maxed out. Ridiculous. I love this app. I enjoy playing it and looking for dinosaurs with my nephews. Also, why not make it more educational?! One of my nephews loves dinosaurs and reads about them. This app could do so much more to teach kids about dinosaurs. What a great way to encourage kids to enjoy the science of dinosaurs and you’re wasting it! Things you could add: where the different dinosaurs lived, the time period they lived, their height/weight, what they ate, etc!

Fun but not that fun

You only get a certain area to collect the dinosaurs in. But it is still fun

Great Game !

I love this game

Wasted my time and money not once but twice!!

The game is fun but has a major problem. The first time I downloaded it the game worked great and I was enjoying it for about a week but then it wouldn’t load past the 18/23 point, so after two days I deleted it and downloaded it again. I was able to play again but had lost everything I had collected and purchased after a day of playing the same exact problem happened again resulting in me losing everything once again. I really enjoy the game but I don’t think I want to waste my time and money anymore.


Please add support for the iPhone X notch


As much as i love this game am starting to hate it !!! Before this update i did not plate for maybe 6 weeks or 2 months coz of this loading that stops at a certain point and wont load at all !!! And after the update it worked for 4 to 5 days and now the same story!! I cant play anymore and it stops at a certain point in loading! I wasted $$$ on one time offers that i dont get to enjoy at all !! Coz of this problem.. !! Does anyone relate !!?

Looking forward to more Hybrid and Super Hybrids

I’m really looking forward to more hybrid and super hybrids, even though I haven’t unlocked them all I like the creativity of the dinosaurs, been really amazed about them and everytime I unlock one, I get overly excited hahahaha yeah keep it up the good work!


First I lost all my progress & second love the game. After I got the new update all my progress was gone help I want my stuff back please please please please please please please please please fix

Xs Compatibility???

Game isn’t optimized for the notch, can’t see my coins or cash. Battles shuttle more with my brand new Xs than with my old 7 Plus. I can understand not being totally optimized for the newest device on launch, but the notch has been around for a year now. Even with bugs in battle I’d give this game a 5 star if compatibility is fixed for the Xs because I like it a lot.

iPhone X optimization

I LOVE this game, probably more than I should. The updates keep it exciting with new content and I love that the devs clearly listen to player feedback. This game, among other things, actually prompted me to buy a new iPhone because my iPhone 6 didn’t have the processing power (or battery life) to handle JWA very well. However, much to my dismay, the X(s)’s infamous notch completely blocks out my supply tallies (darts/coins/cash) at the top of the map screen! Please let me know if there’s a fix for this, or provide optimization for this screen size/shape at some point soon!

Sucky sucky big

Sucky sucky big

Do not spend money

My game was lost, disappeared. I have been messaging to have my game restored or my money refunded and no answer. DO NOT spend money, huge mistake.

Does not work properly on iPhone X

The graphics don’t take the notch into account so you can’t see much of the info. Game deleted.

Love playing but...

And now the app won’t open..... There are so many glitches. Right now I can’t play because it says a newer version is available to to go to the App Store. Nothing is available. So can’t play. Please work on the glitches

Challenging AR game...but....

Updated: The game is great, esp after the most recent update. I love it!! Major issue is in accumulating coins. I have 40 dinos that need evolving (20000, 15000, 10000, etc coins) with the low amount of coins you can accumulate from drops and incubators it'll take me till the end of next year to evolve all these dinos. Other issue is the max number of darts you can carry is way too low. It almost makes it a waste to spin supply drops, special event drops and open incubators when you already have over 120 darts. Also, pls add a toggle button during AR mode to turn on flash for the camera/video. I was in a low light situation and missed getting a beautiful pic because I couldn't turn my camera flash on. All in all, it's a great game off the start that can only get better. Next I see a release for water based dinos ;). I've played Pokemon Go for a long time but JW is now my go-to. I absolutely love battling from wherever I'm at, unlike PG's raids that require 20 strangers congregating in specific locations to have a chance to win a legendary mon, resulting in me or family members not participating. Kudos to the developers!!!


Nice game but nice walking also

Good game

Good app

Meh quality game, horrible customer service.

Okay but not good game. Customer service on par Comcast or AT&T, which is awful. Pvp is broken. It cost 10 bucks a month for a decent shot at catching dinos. If you pay for something and don't get it, customer service tells you thanks for information and then does nothing. Also they manipulate the review system in there favor. Fake reviews and removing old bad reviews. Ludia is as shady as a rainforest.

Waste of time to try for hard cash offers

The developers do not honor the hard cash offers. I have paid for multiple offers that were supposed to give a reward for in game hard cash and instead it errors out and the worthless developers/support are not even trying to fix this. Don’t waste your money.

So Addictive!

I love this game!!!


Can u move is the game?

Might as well be a pay app

Unless you plan on dumping some serious cash into this game you will not make it to the top no matter how much you farm. Not worth the space

Disappointed and frustrated

The fact that my dinosaurs are matched up against higher and stronger dinosaurs and don’t have chance is crap. I like this game, but just about to delete it. 😠

So much Potential

I have been playing this game for a couple of months now and it is absolutely fantastic... yet whenever I have an issue I always contact the support team and they never get back to me in a reasonable amount of time but more importantly they never do anything about it. You always get what seems to be automated responses that don’t say anything and for a battle system that is ranked, the constant glitches especially since the new update has come out have broken this game for me. I’ve lost countless matches because it wouldn’t register what attacks I selected and now the predicted damage output indicator doesn’t calculate damage properly. This is definitely a fun game but if you’re competitive stay clear of it. In my experience the Devs are not supportive and your concerns fall on deaf ears.

More Dinosaurs please

I want Blue, Brachiosaurus, and Carnotaurus. And you also need Wooly Mammoths, Sabertooth Tiger, Mamenchisaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Mosasaurus, and others.

One question

So I have only one question since I’m fairly creative... is there a specific place to put future creature/hybrid or update ideas? I.e discord, here, or the forums

Great game, but a few setbacks

First off, thank you so much for finally bringing pterosaurs to Jurassic World Alive!!!! They may not be that good, but it is still fun to catch them. Now, in to the setbacks. For one, if I’m walking around and happen to spot an epic, Owen Grady will pop up and say that I’m going too fast even though I’m just standing! Then the game will freeze, and when I go back in, the Dino is gone. Secondly, I have a problem with the tournaments. Ludia claims they are dealing with hackers, but when I go to the top of the leaderboard, I see the top player having dinosaurs like a level 30 indoraptor! How do you get that many coins, much less velociraptor and T. rex dna. This pisses me off, because the tournaments are structured where #1 wins something like 30,000 epic dna. I think they should have different tournament groups, like one for medium level players and one for lower level players. That way, lower level players can get good stuff and not just hackers. Thirdly, the battles. Sometimes my match will be tied 2-2, and I am using a dinosaur like pyroraptor. I’m thinking, please don’t bring in a velociraptor, but it seems every time the player (I mean BOT) will bring in a velociraptor. I also HATE certain attacks. For example, I will have a Dino with greater stun. When I use it though, it seems half of the time I don’t get the stun, while the player (bot) will get a minimal stun! Otherwise, great game ludia, and please keep coming up with new ideas! I hope this review was helpful.

So obviously rigged

Reminds me of Vegas slot machines and Candy Crush... RIGGED! They let you win for a while to get you hooked, and then pair you up over and over again against impossible matches. And their proposed solution? Get more DNA of course! (i.e. spend some cash in order to be remotely competitive.) Was fun at first, until they got greedy.

The camera is on drugs

This game isn’t all bad but the thing that loses me is the camera sometimes it thinks your in a CAR.so when you move the camera doesn’t move at all keeping you from getting those sweet sweet Dino’s. But the game has some good stuff too the battles are an A- it’s good but the camera meh....

Short lived

It’s a good game for a little while until they take away the level playing field and match you with opponents 200% stronger than you. Unless I’m the last user that downloaded this app ever. 🤔

Amazing game

Love the game but please change the spawns cause I can’t find any einiosaurus so I can’t upgrade einiosuchus😩😩😩😩




Is it best to walk or stay still while using scent

Awesome game with tons of potential

This game is awesome and I can’t stop playing. There is alot of strategy involved in battles which makes it even more fun. Only things I suggest are making a win/loss keeping system where you can view your record, and being able to chat with other players. Great game and I can’t wait to see it become even better.

Best Game Ever!

I absolutely love everything about this game. We’re freaking catching dinosaurs!!!


Love the update, keep the Dinos rolling in, maybe make the 4 hour incubators daily or 12 hour incubators and increase the DNA or add more Dinos to it, but otherwise great!


I really enjoy this game, but I was disappointed to find out that the AR feature didn’t work for the iPhone 6. I can’t be the only person on the planet with this phone. Can we fix this maybe? Thanks

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