Jurassic World™ Alive App Reviews

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My glitch is fixed

If your loading take literally forever, update your software. Also 10 outta 5 stars

This game is my favorite!!!!!!!

I love games with dinosaurs, and games that you have to look for the things that you need to get better at, games this game puts those together and with the google map you got a perfect game that is for people like me!

Jurassic Epic

Best game in gameland!

Pvp is buggy!

I only lose a battle if I’m fighting a better strategy player with the right deck. This buggy pvp is gonna be the death of me. I noticed if you get a low battery pop up, you’re toast. The opponent disappears or your next move buttons disappear as well. Sometimes the match starts on a frozen screen and you have to restart the game and by then you’re already down 1 creature. Once this is fixed, I’ll rate 5 but for now, I’m very frustrated when this happens.

Used to be good

This game was awesome until everyone just started using raptors for over dinosaur for battles. It’s hard to go against 3-4 raptors. There should be a limit set.

Fix your servers

Every time I’m in battle there’s a glitch where I have to reset the app and wait hoping I can make a move, I’ve not experienced this much bugs until now, I’m fed up with this, you guys need to fix these servers because it’s getting really irritating when I finally get up a stage to be immediately pushed down one because of your servers, fix this ASAP.

My progress is lost with your update

Hey I lost my progress give it back to me


I love this app so much! It’s super safe and fun!! It’s my top fav app and I totally recommend it!

Always playing

Great fun game

Vip issue? Support won’t help!

As the title states if you contact support in the game, the person on the other end most likely will not care about your issue especially if it is a large one. I had paid for the vip service and did not get what I paid for, so I contacted support to let them know of this issue and to receive compensation for not getting what I paid for.... yeah... they don’t like that... dont bother telling them. I have been in contact for about two weeks or more now and they tell me they can’t compensate me for the reason I am stating and they continuously avoid the issue in the game. Which is a big one considering you pay for it and some users may not receive what was promised. This person I have been talking to repeatedly tells me what I should have received being a vip member... my response well I did not receive that and this person just keeps repeating it like they are trying to say it’s impossible not to receive it and I’m lying or something. They don’t care about you as a customer and your issue so if you have had this issue or not receiving “more” at supply drops as I was told vip would get (from contacting support) don’t bother telling them, they do not care and all they care about is apparently you paying for a service that didn’t give you what you were supposed to get and that issue doesn’t bother them. Other than that issue I do enjoy the game, however there is a mess of other bugs in this game that need to be fixed especially in the battling arena. I will not be ever subscribing to vip as it is untrustworthy.

We need the water dinosaurs please!!

I love this game but we need some water dinosaurs and if you remember the mosasaurus that is my favorite one so ppppppppppplease add it,bye!!! 🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖


This game is one of the best

Best Game

My favorite game it gave me a incubator for playing the game and I got two rare Dino’s very fun and I recommend it to everyone

Five star potential

This game is great. They took some things from Pokémon go and improved on them as well as fixing mistakes that Pokémon go made such as more supply drops and being able to battle anytime. What would bump it up to five stars is if you could battle friends nearby by like requesting a fight from a friends list and maybe sending incubators as a reward.

Can’t load game

I will change this star rating from a one to a five as soon as I can get into the game again. I have been unable to get passed the load screen since yesterday. Update: Fixed. Thank you

Good Concept battles feel rigged and annoying .

Game concept is fun but the battle luck based mechanics feel entirely rigged 5% chances happen way to frequently while 30-40s actually feel rarer. Einasaurus on App Store image is depicted as epic.

Very great full

I wanted to let u guys know I am very great full for wut I sent me and let u guys know keep up the good work also can u guys keep adding more dinosaurs the more the better I think this is the best Dino/search game I have ever played thx and keep up the good work

Too overpowered

I give this game a 4 out of 5 stars because there’s a huge mistake in the game. The raptor attacks are extremely overpowered and people keep losing because the raptor attack pounce is so overpowered.

Get dinosaurs added to parks

How do we get parks added to the app? There is a huge park near me, not one dinosaur or supply drop! I don’t know who to email!?!?

Data gone

I’m really upset right now because my data has disappeared. I was really high up into the games levels and then it just starts my game over.

Addictive fun

I’ve seen comparisons to Pokémon Go, but I don’t agree. Yes, you are capturing something throughout the city. But, this game has creatures spread throughout, even unpopulated areas. You also do not have to be within a distance of an opponent to fight. It is very fun and neat to watch your Dinos power increase and discover new ones.

Problemas con la última versión.

El juego iba bien hasta la más reciente versión. El upgrade no me permite abrir el App y se quedad cargando y nada más. Ya había alcanzado un nivel alto y tenía casi todos los dinosaurios ( lo que me costó mucho dinero) . Ahora el App está inoperante y el servicio al cliente no ha podido ayudarme a resolver el asunto. Lástima , pues me gustaba el juego , pero si no funciona tendré que descartarlo. Esto habla mal de la compañía .


Since the new update I can’t play. It won’t load past the first loading screen.

Won’t load

Downloaded and worked fine til yesterday now it won’t load at all just main screen and little load bar keeps going but after 10minutes it does nothing

Bugs out

I enjoy this game a lot. Half of the time. Every other battle now it just glitches. There is no way to pick a move. It makes progress almost impossible in battle mode. And since battle mode is all you can do half of the time it leaves me to rate 1 star. The game itself is fun. Exact rip of Pokémon go. But better cuz dinosaurs. My only other beef is that you can’t battle a vs mode against a friend. Or even see if any friends play the game. Fix the bugs and 5 stars.

App will not load any more

For the past day I cannot get the app to load I restarted my iPhone I have shut down the app and restarted it multiple times and it will not open very disappointed really enjoyed playing this game hopefully you guys fix it

Read me before spending any cash on this game

After purchasing the vip and several money packages I had over 8000 bux and can’t play the game I’m on day 3 and the app will not load big waste of money if u ask me I would like a refund or them to fix the problem

You say ‘Free’ cash

The cash isn’t free you may as well just buy the actual cash because sometimes it asks you to at least make a purchase of 14$ Make the cash actually free.


Love the game but recently any time I go outside to play, the game just sits on the loading screen. It doesn’t load or anything it just sits there? I’ve reset my phone to no avail. I’ve checked my data and it seems to be the only app that’s unresponsive when I’m outside. Also an issue where the game will freeze and I have to close the app and reopen it during battles and such. Fun game when it works though.

Can’t load my game

Love the game great game however I’m now having problems with loading. I didn’t have any issues this morning and then all of a sudden I can’t load. I’m also having a problems where when it can’t find me an opponent to take on the screen freezes and when i leave the game. All of a sudden I’m in the middle of a game that I’m not even playing and losing. I don’t think that is really fair considering that I’m not even playing or even in the game. So I got the game to work off of WiFi if a game is to be played on WiFi then why do I have to turn off my WiFi to play it. I don’t know if you people ever read these or if I’m just write for no good reason but I’m letting you know that some people are having problems playing the game with wifi. I would like to know if my game was working right or half right or not even at all. This is all I can do is write and hope someone see’s this and can fix the problem so people don’t stop playing.


So I’ve been playing since this came out...and usually like it. Half the time I select a Dino to collect the game freezes or “loses connection” ALL THE TIME. But now, NOW, THE GAME WONT EVEN START UP.

Frozen game

I like this game very much. However I have been unable to play since last night because I log into the game and it just keeps loading. I can’t get in no matter how long I wait. I feel I should uninstall abs reinstall but I’m afraid I will lose all my progress. Please let me know how to fix this.

Worked fo 21 hours

For the VERY short time the game worked for me it was fun, but I have had it fir 2.5 days and after 21 hours now it freezes on the load screen spinning the DNA stead (at one point I gave up after 20 min)and this is the problem on my iPhone and iPad. Can’t enjoy a game I can’t play... version 1.2.29 Fix it and I will re-rate.

Not connecting

Has anyone else been having trouble starting up the app?

Great fun game with many bugs

The game has not loaded for me in two days now with error codes mainly 10018. Please fix.

Loading up

One I think this is a great game. But there is a bug in the loading screen that none of the words is on the screen when it does have words it loads but when I tried waiting a decent amount of minutes it still does not load you can replicate by step 1: go in to the app step 2: wait a decent amount of minutes like 5 minutes it usually finishes loading like 40 seconds then it usually goes to the map screen. Also please try and do your best ludia to fix it. Also I have updated to the latest version

Not very happy.

Was very impressed with the game. But then decided to spend a few bucks and get the sub for a month just to try it out and 2 days later loading screen for 20 minutes and it will not let my game load.

Great game, buggy often

While the gameplay itself is addictive, there are a few very irritating things about this game. First, connectivity is always an issue and on many occasions, the game simply will not boot up. On many occasions, the game is completely unable to start up and simply stays on the load screen forever. Secondly, battles can be frustrating. I often stun my opponent’s dinosaur and yet the stun breaks and they attack me immediately. A stun should always guarantee you two attacks. Velociraptor (a common) is tremendously overpowered and having the higher level raptor almost always guarantees you a victory. Lastly, bots are a serious issue. Several times a day I’ll go against someone with level 24/25 dinosaurs that almost no one else uses with ridiculous amounts of health that are virtually un-killable. I like to consider his game a grinding game with a rock/paper/scissors element because that’s all the arena basically is. Those items aside, it is a lot of fun to play, when it’s working.

Why won’t my game work?!

Game isn’t loading it’s not doing anything what’s going on

Game Not loading

WiFi connection full strength, have restarted the phone, have uninstalled and reinstalled the app - app is up to date no matter what I do it will not load. I get the reconnect button and it still doesn’t work. I’m getting error 10010.

Been at loading screen for an hour

I downloaded this game today. I waited an hour for it to load and it didn’t. I refreshed the tab and waited, yet, another hour. Seems like a fun game, and I can’t even play it. 🙁

Loading issues

The game overall fun but I’m getting many more issues with the game not loading the battles properly. It takes it to the arena but doesn’t show the dinosaurs or strikes. Forces me to restart the game to find the battle already going. Now the game won’t load at all. It might be maintenance but if so, you need to inform us of the situation.

I LUV this game

I REALLY ENJOY THIS GAME, i luv this game and playing it everyday there’s just a couple of things you should add... 1, you should definitely add clans that would be a great feature also with the feature you should add friendly battle one more thing you should add is a new rarity in the game currently there’s common, rare, epic, legendary, and unique maybe add something like uncommon in the middle of common and rare or add mega in the middle of epic and legendary. Please respond as I will enjoy what you say

Game won’t load anymore

Have spent lots of money on this game just for it not to open anymore? Game doesn’t load up at all. iPhone 7plus

Trouble loading

I love this game so much. It’s a great game do not get me wrong. Every now and again I’ll get a minor glitch/bug. But ever since yesterday, July 16, I can not log on. Ludia, it’s been worrying me because of all the progress I’ve made over the past weeks. And I don’t know if I can ever get it back. Please fix the glitch, I called to a couple of my friends that play JW Alive and they said it isn’t happening to them. And I get Error: 10010. And I don’t know what to do!!

Expensive to win

Every level either as a player or your level in pvp will offer bonuses for cash (not cheap). This game definitely favors the high dollar players. And I’m not talking 15-20, but $25-$50 per item. Then the gps is choppy when moving about map and locator usually accurate but sometimes I’m in homes across the street. The gameplay is good but I think it would be better to have targeting of the whole animal instead of the bullseye. And if they want targets make it based on the shape of the Dino instead of a dot somewhere on the body, on the head or tail seriously?? I do like that you can see Dino’s around and even have pop ups as you walk around. I’m still playing despite coming across coming across obvious money bag players

Great game...

This has become a new favorite in my household. BUT... It’s buggy. Battles lag and moves disappear. It takes forever to load (even on a 5G network at home) and today it won’t load. At all. We have deleted and reinstalled it, reset and updated all devises... nothing...Frustrating as we play quite a bit...also, I had to resort to a review because there is no way for me to contact through the app support.

Bug needs to be fixed!!!!!!!!!!!🐞🐝🦂🕷🦗🐜🐛🛠⚒🔨🔩⛏🔧

It’s stuck on the T. rex screen and won’t load past it, I even tried to wait it out and 30 minutes later still nothing. It acts like it’s loading but it’s not doing anything please fix this I actually like this game and have been trying to get the full set of raptors.

This was fun, but man do they want you to buy, buy, buy

I liked the game until they made you feel like the only way you can keep enjoying it was to buy and buy. I got tired of loosing in battle with the same dinosaurs that were lower levels. How does a Velociraptor level 14 lose to the same (not echo or blue) level 9 and 10 and is slower? This game is a waste.

Just to start

Loading times is getting worse. Most of the battles are pair up with the strongest squad of your enemy and weakest of mines. Let’s have a battle with our friends.

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